We’re in a New Age of Obesity. How did it happen?

It’s hard to say how we’ve entered a new age of obesity; but, it’s happened. Perhaps there are several sources to blame — but, is there really one source or one group to blame for it? Of course not. We do know that there have been changes — even gradual changes in our current Obesogenic environment — that have gone unnoticed by most, wouldn’t you say?

In reviewing this article, we find that blame need not exist for the obese population and for that matter the ‘unhealthy’ population’. So how about creating a healthier food-friendly environment, more opportunity to instill more education for better health and wellness. And…where does our government? our food scientists? our ‘lose-weight-fast’ scammers stand on our Obesogenic environment? Hasn’t our society been deceived already by the many food-related tricky businesses out there? It’s time to implement healthy education, good news on making healthy food affordable and creating a healthier environment for future generations to come, wouldn’t you say?

“Just as jobless people are blamed for structural unemployment, and indebted people are blamed for impossible housing costs, fat people are blamed for a societal problem. But, yes, willpower needs to be exercised — BY GOVERNMENTS. Yes, we need personal responsibility – ON THE PART OF POLICYMAKERS. And yes, control needs to be exerted – over those who have discovered our weaknesses and RUTHLESSLY EXPLOIT THEM”.

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