Top 10 Calcium Rich Sources

It seems that lately, for some reason, I have heard comments about where to get good sources of calcium besides milk or cheese. After all, it does seem that there are more and more people out there that are lactose intolerant. You hear that term a lot more these days than ever before. I for one, am not crazy about milk and so it is more of a sacrifice to drink it — but, yes, I do love cheese. Of course, the drawback there is watching your waistline. (Oh, have you also heard that having a good source of calcium helps you in the good ‘ol weight loss arena)! The following article from WebMD gives good examples of other calcium sources that are readily available. You may have known of these other sources, but sometimes they are forgotten because the first thing that you think of as a calcium source is milk & cheese. Not true!!! Read on…..

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