The Profound Psychological Benefits of a Purposeful Life

What does make a purposeful life? Why is that important to us? At times, we can go around and around in our own heads trying to figure out why we may feel listless or unmotivated — even when we are working a regular job. The challenge may be in finding positive ways of thinking, rather than negative ways, which is much easier unfortunately. Working on a healthy mindset takes diligence and constant care. But, isn’t anything worth having in life worth working on to increase our own path to better living?

“When we possess a strong sense of life purpose, that gives us reason to weather setbacks and sustain extraordinary efforts. In describing the grit underlying resilience, Hanson draws upon the ideas of “resolve”, “patience”, “persistence”, “fierceness”, and physical “vitality”. It may well be that it is purpose that enables us to access the hidden energy reserves of sisu and weather the risk and uncertainty that are intrinsic to navigating financial markets. From this perspective, the ability to sustain extraordinary performance is not merely a function of talent and skill, but also the embodied fortitude derived from a meaningful sense of purpose”.

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