Steps to Reducing Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation is one of those words that seems to have become more commonplace in our society — now, more than ever. Yes, Inflammation definitely exists and there are definite reasons why we have it — when necessary. You know — like when you get hurt, such as a serious scraped knee — the hallmark signs of inflammation include redness, swelling, soreness and warmth. Usually these signs stay localized to the affected area of injury and in fact, inflammation indicates that our body is in process of healing. That is all good, right? But, serious issues occur when inflammation goes on for too long.

There are no two ways about it — long-term inflammation definitely can take a serious toll on our health. This is why we need prevention more than ever. Even if we are “functioning” on a day to day basis and feeling…somewhat well — prevention can literally prevent a whole lot of health issues that can easily “crop up” on us. Long-term low-level inflammation can go on for years after all. Such diseases like Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease don’t just happen over night, but instead they happen over time. Hence, Inflammation is one of the main causes that contribute to chronic lifestyle diseases.

We can definitely play a strong role in our own health and well-being by doing what we can to prevent many of today’s chronic lifestyle diseases. We can start out by:

  • Eating an Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Testing for Silent Inflammation (If we believe we are at high risk for diabetes as an example).
  • Eat More Berries
  • Eat More Fiber
  • Eat More Plant-Based Proteins and Fish Proteins
  • Keep a healthy weight (By checking our BMI)
  • Regular Exercise

In knowing that we have the option to “opt in” to our own health and well-being can be such a relief! We may not be able to choose whether we get seriously sick or not, but we can stave off disease and infection from happening more times than not.

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