reforming the unhealthiest city in America

Political polarization over healthcare reform is resulting in one of the ugliest periods in American history, because it is incredibly mis-understood, invokes deep passion, and has motivated the normally-apathetic ignorant. But, no matter what one thinks of the reform bill, it mostly shifts around who pays for care and doesn’t directly address lowering the costs of care.

Lydia and I are enjoying watching Jamie Oliver’s show as he is literally diving into fat in the fattest city in America to transform the populace’s eating and cooking habits. This article posted by the Kaiser Health News nicely articulates the relationship between everyday choices and macro cost consequences.

Love this quote: “Former Huntington mayor David Felinton felt the city couldn’t focus on outlying concerns like better diets because of more pressing problems stemming from the area’s depressed economy. “[Health] doesn’t come up,” Felinton told the AP in 2008. “We’ve got a lot of economic challenges here in Huntington. That’s usually the focus.’ ”

Dealing with obesity would save millions per year for Huntington, but it shouldn’t be an area of focus because of the bad economy? Instead of arguing over healthcare reform, maybe we should be reforming what our spoons and forks are doing.

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