Mindfulness Matters

Imagine what your brain can do with enough mindfulness?

We’ve all heard that statement, “Enjoy every moment; life is short”. Yes, it really is. But, how can we make our day to day “drudgery” of the 9 to 5 more meaningful, and well, less robotic and meaningless?

There really are health benefits to what we can to lead a more mindful life. It is about living in the moment – in the NOW — and not looking ahead to Friday night happy hour, an exam, or even traffic school. While it is exciting at times to look forward to an event we’ve been waiting for, by living in the moment, we can be more present and effective in whatever we are doing. Then, in looking back — once happy hour on Friday night happens with friends — you can honestly say you did your best and now you can reap the benefits with less stress and more enjoyment in the moment.

To learn more about Mindfulness and its many benefits, check out the article here.

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