Let’s make our communities healthier!

I attended a great meeting this past Friday for the Healthy Communities South Region of San Diego as a representative of Olivewood Gardens in National City, California.  This meeting was a collaboration of forward-thinking, positive and inspiring individuals who have every great intention of making our communities a healthier and safer place for our children.  This is about improving community wellness, diminishing health gaps through the promotion of overall health and safety with honest policies, better physical environments and systems-change.

Community wellness is meant to include health outcomes that affect not only our children, but the commonwealth in general.  Such direct health outcomes include reduced obesity, chronic disease, and violence as well as improved mental health.  A variety of health, social, and education factors need to come together to directly affect these outcomes.

This data further breaks down targeted areas that need more attention in health and welfare.  The data is a key to further understanding and taking positive control in regions where we live that already are overwhelmed with health issues such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.  Read on and see how you can get involved!

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