Great Foresight in the Carrot Industry

A friend of mine recommended this article from “Success” Magazine’s September 2013 issue called, “Great Foresight: A carrot grower’s CEO fights the good (food) fight”. I tried to attach the link, but unfortunately since it only recently came out, there is no link available yet. There are wonderful articles in this magazine that one may find very appealing — here is the link:

In this article, the CEO from vegetable grower Bolthouse Farms and previous senior executive at Coca-Cola has found great success in marketing carrots in a way that has proven to be original and different at the same time. After all, there is no doubt that marketing junk food is much easier than healthy food (unfortunately). 

But, where is the line drawn with the way America eats? Yes, in order for companies like Bolthouse Farms to be successful, they need to “up their game” surrounding marketing and this means finding ways to make their healthy foods not only more affordable, but more readily available as well. Then what about having their product sell to kids? Bolthouse has found a way to introduce “naturally flavored baby carrots”! Could you believe it? It seems that it takes the whole “health” out of the product if it needs to have “natural flavors” added to them, doesn’t it? And what are these natural flavors?

This opens up another topic which is that of our sense of taste and flavor. Are there ways to train your taste buds in order to eat healthier foods? Check out the following article on “5 Ways to Train Your Taste Buds and Eat Healthier”.

Which food would taste better to you?

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