Focusing on a Great Life 50 and beyond

Something happens to us when we reach a big number like 50. Things like reflection, awareness, curiosity and even fear can become that much more visible to us and our loved ones. It takes real courage to face the good, bad and the ugly. But, focusing on getting older can be a great time to adding a new skill to our toolbox like an art class, karate, learning Spanish or improv.

Taking a deep breath (literally) and doing what we can to positively reflect on what we have done and still can do could be the best thing for us. Especially in a time where there is much kaos in the world, we need to “dig deep” and find what empowers us to be better human beings. What do we still want to do with our lives? Can we be grateful for the things we have? Can we be courageous and pay it forward in ways that give us hope for a brighter future for future generations? How can we change embedded behaviors that have been part of us for so long?

By working on those things that can bring us joy (like art class, karate, learning Spanish or improv) we have the opportunity to grow a healthier state of mind too. This can also lead us to creating healthier habits that can become lasting like making a healthy breakfast, taking the stairs more often than not and even counting to 10 when we get upset on our drive to work. Life is short, it’s up to us to make our 50s and beyond as meaningful as ever.

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