Exercise and Healthy Eating 101

One of the many reasons why I believe it is important to bring up a popular topic — like exercise and healthy eating — is because there are so many variations as to what people believe is the best answer. I’m sure most people would agree (I hope so) that exercise and healthy eating are critical components for optimal health, but how good are we at finding excuses not to follow through on doing them? So many excuses — so little time, right? You hear it all the time at work, with a bunch of friends or even within networking events — comments like: “How do you find the time to go to the gym so often” or “How annoying that so and so is getting ready to run another marathon” or “How does he/she look so good despite how busy they are”?

Why not start out with simple inspiration that not only may be recommended by friends, family or co-workers, but even more importantly, people who know the reasons why it is so important to exercise and eat well — like nutritionists, exercise professionals and physicians. It really is amazing how good you can feel when you really take one step at a time to creating a healthier YOU.

The following are some reasons why healthy eating can and should be enjoyed:

  • Believe me, once you really start to see how well you feel after a delicious, balanced meal instead of a quick bagel and cream cheese, or gooey donut or pepperoni pizza, your priorities will change!
  • Again, once those habits that include regular chips and Coke change to healthier ones, you can and will experience how good you feel. Who doesn’t want to feel good, right?
  • By the way, life is too short not to have a favorite food like pizza or a burger, but not so frequently! How about starting with once a week, then work your way up to once or twice a month? Put it on a calendar if you need to do so!
  • No guilt! Guilt is simply no good. How cool would it be to really enjoy an indulgence without giving guilt a second thought!
  • You’ll begin to see food differently. The knowledge gained in knowing that food is not just food, but more importantly fuel that provides our bodies to be strong, able and balanced is priceless! Want to have an excellent workout that pays off in feeling great? Balance your food intake…
  • Know how a stone thrown in a pond causes a ripple effect? Now think of how sticking with a habit of eating well can lead to other habits that provide your body with more energy to be adventurous and even creatively adventurous while cooking!
  • Dealing with temptation becomes easier — believe me. Again, like the ripple effect of those good habits, you will notice more and more how good you feel after eating a balanced, portion-sized meal as opposed to eating ‘all you can eat’ at the buffet. Simply put, upon feeling better, temptations are easier to deal with more frequently.
Some reasons why exercise and and should be enjoyed includes some of the following: 
  • You’ll start to appreciate your body more. This one is important. You may not appreciate your body now or maybe you’ve compared yourself to someone with a body you wished you had, right? The thing is we have the one we have! By exercising regularly, you can begin to see how strong you are and notice how well you are sleeping too.
  • The everyday things like bending, cleaning, going upstairs/downstairs, and stretching becomes easier due to your diligent exercise routine. That is a good reason to continue, wouldn’t you say?
  • Your confidence grows. Ever think of someone being positive and in a bad mood? No, didn’t think so. There is something to be said of how confidence grows once good habits become regular habits as opposed to being sedentary. Who really sees a positive happy person just doing nothing? There usually is a goal in mind.
  • Lastly, your overall health improves. Especially as you get older and if you are good about keeping up with your medical/dental appointments, you’ll see that keeping up on a healthy routine of exercise and healthy eating pays off in the end.
To learn about more reasons to keep up with exercise and healthy eating, check out the article here!

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