Determinants of Health

Human lives are strong, yet frail at the same time. Yes, if one sets their mindset on achieving something big and important — there is no doubt that it can be accomplished, right? Well…there are many factors that can determine what makes some people more susceptible to illness than another. It is not just diet and exercise.

In learning more about what makes up determinants of health, we can find out so much. There is a collection of factors, namely personal, social, economic, and environmental factors that greatly influence our health. Questions can be about whether there have been policies regarding better safety regulations in public places and more specifically around one’s own neighborhood. Social determinants can include such things as public safety and good schools and physical determinants could include your local housing and development.

Poor health can be made even worse if there are not enough safeguards available. Health services, an individuals’ health and even genetics can all play a role in the determinants of health. To learn more about them, check out this link here.

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