Creating Sustainable Healthy Habits That Can be Small, but Mighty

My fascination with how different we are as a human race is really extraordinary. These differences can be seen in the way we live our lives on a daily basis – What habits do we follow? What incentivizes us to do better or not care at all? Who influences us and has influenced us over time? How much do we want to make a difficult change that is not too difficult, but enough to make a worthwhile difference in our health for instance? How has COVID-19 continued to change attitudes and mindsets with regard to stress and anxiety? There are far too many questions and not enough answers.

           Rather than focus on all of the topics mentioned above, there can be focus – focus that can make a positive difference in those we work with and interact with during this uncertain time in history. In fact, how can we simply “befriend” uncertainty and deal with it one step at a time instead of going into a state of angst? A particular area of interest to me is how well do health & wellness coaching programs work within organizations or within a “solo” practice? Are people that work with coaches uncertain as well? If so, why? Perhaps they don’t believe they are capable of change? How can that be remedied?

           It is so crucial to understand the mindset of those we work with or for that matter – who we interact with by truly meeting them where they are, wouldn’t you say? Most people that want to change a habit or improve in a particular area of their life usually know that smoking, drinking too much alcohol or eating too much sugar is not a good thing, right? But, how can one tell if they are ready to change their mindset to more of a growth mindset? The one thing not to do is tell them how wrong they are or scare them by use of fear tactics – that just doesn’t work!

           As a heartfelt enthusiast of creating an approachable space for those eager to create more sustainable healthy habits, it is just as effective to make small moves toward good sustainable habits than not. One can almost think of small successful changes as being a result of tenacity and perseverance; similar to “The Little Engine That Could”. What are the pros and cons of creating such habits for you?