Chef Katie: Charming Cafe Chloe

Cafe Chloe is one of the best things about living in the East Village neighborhood of downtown San Diego. Not only is the food delicious, but it saves the earth.  The atmosphere makes you feel as though you have stepped into a bistro in Paris, without having to burn all the hydrocarbons of a flight.  Upon entering the restaurant, one can’t help but see the wonderful centerpiece of a wine bar with a “touch of class.”  There is always someone at the door to greet you and seat you where you like and really there is no bad seat in the house either!  If you happen to come downtown for a game or party, why not stretch your evening and have a drink or dinner in this charming place, I guarantee you will come back again! I had a chance to speak with the chef and this is what I asked….

WITK: I’d love to hear about your passion for food and where it came from?

Katie: Although my interests have been in the arts since a young age and I have an art degree, I always wanted to work in restaurants because I liked food. And my choice to go to culinary school was because I knew I had to take the next step in the restaurant world, and that next step was to go to the back of the house rather than become a manager for the front of house.

WITK: So, what is your inspiration?

Katie: I do create new items for the menu at the restaurant everyday and we also do a different special every day. However, within the wonderfully creative world of cooking, cooking a certain type of cuisine limits the broad spectrum of options. So, staying inside of the classic bistro repertoire imposes limits on creativity, but I don’t mind that, I still feel satisfied.

WITK: Do you have an essential gadget in the kitchen that you just can’t live without?

Katie: I just don’t have a gadget that I use. I find my fish knife to me is my most useful tool for specific projects.

WITK: Do you have a secret ingredient?

Katie: No. I wouldn’t say I do.

WITK: What does the slow food movement mean to you and how did Cafe Chloe get Involved?

Katie: The owners, who are from San Francisco, were interested in the Slow Food Concept. They have inspired me in many ways. Their belief, and mine as well, is to use produce from local farms, seasonal use of ingredients and by making sure to “watch” for a carbon footprint. (A carbon footprint refers to an individual’s carbon footprint is the direct effect one’s actions and lifestyle have on the environment in terms of carbon dioxide emissions).

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