Our Approach

Driven by a belief that food is medicine, Lydia’s gained knowledge in nutrition & healthcare allow her to bring a personal approach to population health

Our Story

Lydia is looking to partner with care and wellness organizations aimed at healthy behavioral change.

Lydia’s Story

The purpose of this website is to provide you…the reader…with doable ways to promote lasting and meaningful lifestyle changes that allow you to be the best version of YOU! As a certified health coach and behavior change specialist — along with qualifications in healthcare, communications and advocacy — my goal is to bring a personal approach to population health.
By remaining client-centered, my focus is in strengthening and guiding the client mindset to overcoming personal barriers and becoming more self-reliant on their terms. Food Wiszdom focuses on illustrating a positive, encouraging and well-informed approach to living that inspires to making smarter health and wellness choices.

Next Steps…