7 Mindsets That Will Radically Improve Your Life Right Now

One of the things that I’ve learned — particularly over the past couple of years — is that your mindset is so vitally important. I found this great article on Inc., by Lolly Daskal, President and CEO of Lead from Within.

Are you motivated to kick-start Mondays into high gear or are you hoping you can just get by with simply getting through the day? Have you told yourself a thousand times that this week you’ll get to the gym…this week will be different…this week is the start of a new you! We’ve all been there at one time or another, but how about doing what you can to reset your mindset? It can be done….

The following are 7 Mindsets that undoubtedly will get you motivated into making the most of your Mondays and for that matter, the rest of the week.

(1) Self-trust mindset. Wow, who knew you had it in you? Yes, confidence! Trust in yourself is absolutely key and despite any setback you may have — and believe me there will be — trusting yourself will get you closer to a goal that you’ve had in mind for awhile. Even if progress is slow but steady, believe that you are headed in the right direction!

(2) Goal-setting mindset. One of the many things I’ve learned from wellness coaching is that setting goals is an absolute must to improving in any area whether it is in your business, improving your eating habits or even reaching out more frequently to your social circle. Start by doing one small doable action on a Monday and see if you can keep doing that one thing throughout the week like meditating for 10 minutes or walking for 30 minutes every day or drinking 6-8 glasses of water throughout the day.

(3) Patient mindset. This one is hard, but oh so worth attempting to make it part of your routine. Think of how time moves so slowly, especially when we really want something now or want to be somewhere now. Stuck in traffic? Think of creating an affirmation you tell yourself or a song that brightens your day and gets you from going down that ‘negative anger-mode when is this traffic going to end’ mindset. Looking for a job or waiting to hear back regarding a promotion at work? Nothing can test your patience more than counting the minutes that go by, right? What about doing something — even a small something to get you feeling more confident like brushing up on a job skill or enrolling in a class that can pay off in oh so many ways…

(4) Courageous mindset.  Love this one! No doubt it takes courage to do anything difficult or that can test your patience. Regardless, being courageous simply means you are going to do it anyway because you know that the payoff will be worth it. Maybe it is even stretching yourself to go to a networking event by yourself or scheduling an appointment that you are less than excited about making — you will thank yourself by following through with it!

(5) Focused mindset. Go ahead and test yourself on this one. Imagine that you will be going on vacation with your significant other and some friends in 10 days but you have so much work to complete before than? Has that ever happened to anyone? By focusing on the here and now — not 10 days from now — keep a calendar for the next 9 days and stick to what is on the to-do list. Think of how good it will feel to know that you’ve marked off everything (or most everything) off that list so you really can enjoy that well-deserved vacation!

(6) Positive mindset. Start by being good to yourself and that means keeping a positive mindset. Even if you aren’t at the perfect weight that you think you should be at (this is so misleading!) or you haven’t moved up on the career ladder as you think you should — staying positive can get you one step closer to reaching your goals! Time goes on and waits for no one so like it or not keeping a negative mindset will get you nowhere fast. Positive mindset is full of possibilities.

(7) Learning mindset. Many times we can get caught up with getting stuck in our own heads because we don’t understand why something didn’t work out like we’ve wanted it to do so. Again, whether it is a dream job that we have worked so hard to get or a place we’ve wanted to go, if it doesn’t work out perhaps there is a good reason for it. There is no point in sulking over it — that is a time waster! Move on and prepare yourself for the next adventure….

We may not always believe that we deserve that something that has happened to us, but mindset can pave the way to positive change if we let it. Embrace, get empowered and move onward….even when we don’t always want to do so. At times, keeping that positive mindset makes the everyday stuff tolerable — and sometimes that’s all you need, right?

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