4 simple steps to getting healthier

The article attached is “The 4 Simple Steps I took to lose 30 pounds,” perhaps some believe this is what they need to lose, but not always, maybe you’d just like to drop 5 or 10 pounds or maybe you are okay where you are! The important take away from these simple steps is that it just leads to smarter choices and if they are instilled in your everyday eating routine, losing weight won’t have to be such a chore.

  •  Try to increase the amount of “healthy” fats to 30-40% of your diet.
  •  Separate the good from the bad fats. 
  • Just cut out the processed foods as much as possible and this includes sugar.
  • Supplement your higher fat diet with highly aerobic activity. I love the equation that is used to give you an idea of where your maximum aerobic heart target rate should be. (Simply subtract your age from 180 and adjust for your current level of fitness).

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