10 hot food trends expected for 2014

There is no doubt that trends come and go, but hoping that the trends for this year may be better for our overall health. People are becoming more “savvy” when it comes to their food options — like where does the food come from, how far has it traveled and those sorts of things.

Here is a nice outline of what those 10 trends are:

1) Socially responsible companies take the lead: It appears that 62% of consumers want to support companies that follow through with socially responsible actions.

2) Responsible/edible food packaging: Food companies are more frequently using “edible” wrappers when it comes to wrapping their food products. “Could these new wrappers become a low-calorie, high-fiber side dish to packaged meals?”

3) Tech savvy shoppers:  Learn about such things as on line ordering and what the next mobile device can offer.

4) Jet-setting around the world … at home: There will be more and more experimentation with ingredients from around the world that not only add flavor, but also add health benefits, i.e., turmeric.

5) Snack happy:  Snackers should be happy (we hope) to see that more snacks will be offering healthier options and even the FDA will be looking into a new trans-fat ban.

6) Waste not, want not:  “Good Housekeeping magazine reports that nearly 40 percent of the food in this country goes uneaten.” This means that there will be an emphasis for people to eat left-overs and use shopping lists so as not to overbuy.

7) Tea time:  Looks like tea here in America will become just as popular as it is in England.

8) New superfoods: There will be new “superfoods” on the scene like Freekah, teff and cauliflower.

9) “Free-from” foods: Because there is a rise in our population today with food allergies, there will be more of a focus on foods that are “free-from” gluten, soy and dairy…

10) The new culinary school: Supermarkets will be focusing more on culinary offerings like cooking demos or community cooking centers.

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